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and translation
in and out of Dutch

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You’ve come to the right place for all your commercial English copy. Give me a brief and a budget and I’ll create your marketing materials from scratch. Alternatively, I can edit what you already have. Whatever suits.


A good translator appreciates the nuances of the source language at least as well as the ins and outs of the target.
A true double-native speaker with more than 20 years’ professional translation experience, Robin Glendenning is your man.


Articles by a writer who knows about the Netherlands and Dutch culture – art, history, politics, current affairs, tourism and much, much more. Get in touch to discuss how Glendenning can contribute to your publication.

For over 20 years, Robin Glendenning has delivered the effective copy
and on-the-money translations you need and your clients deserve.

Here's the deal

The Dutch hate risk, so I figured out a great way to make the unnerving task
of hiring a new writer as risk-free as possible:
Professional translator and copywriter works for free!

That's right, if you hire me and don't like what I write (and don't use it), then you don't have to pay me.
Alternatively, I'll sit down and look at the copy again and again until you do like it. Why? Because I want you to like what I write - and come back for more.

Brochures, press ads, media releases, websites, posters... all manner of stuff. I'll localise your existing materials, too, for when it's not so much creation you need, but other people's ideas rendered in English. Or in Dutch, for that matter, because I'm a true double-native like you've never met before.

And I'm local - based just down the road - so it's easy to collect a brief, introduce myself, meet you at short notice.
Why not suck it and see? You've got nothing to lose.

  • English

    In writing or the spoken word.

  • Dutch

    In writing or the spoken word.

  • German

    Translation from German is also very good.

  • A trained, analytic mind

    A background in philosophy taught me to get to the point.


None of this would be possible without a dedicated team of professionals
whose chief desire it is to make you a happy client.
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robin redbreast

Robin started to tweet and chirp when he was a mere chick. He left the nest and soon soared to success as an independent businessbird.
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Robin Glendenning

Art Director
Never a dull moment with Robin – he’s creative to the core and never stops.
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Robin Glendenning

Translator & Copywriter
If ever anyone was born with a silver dictionary in his mouth, it must have been Robin. He’s English, you turn around, he’s Dutch. You’d never notice it was the same man.
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Robin Glendenning

First Impressions Director
Often referred to affectionately as ‘Receptionist’, Robin answers the phone, reads the mail, waters the plants and does the vacuuming.


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